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Progressive Eye Plan Program

Pep plan

In the current state of health insurance today, employers face difficult choices as to which health plan at the right price to offer their valuable employees. Sadly many of the plans that are currently available on the market either don’t include vision coverage or add it at additional cost.

McPeak Vision Partners is offering Progressive Eye Plan (PEP) for your employees. The plan may be used as the only vision coverage you offer or in addition to a plan your company may already have in place. The best part of the plan is there is no cost to you or your employees to be members of PEP.

Applying is as simple as filling out an application. There are no hidden fees or contracts, and you may dismiss yourself from the plan at any time.

Download PEP Enrollement form

Advantages of the PEP Program include:

20% Discounts on Eye Exams

20% Discounts on Frames

20% Discounts on all Sunglasses

20% Discount on Contact Lens Fitting Fee

12 Month Warranty on all Frames

Corporate LASIK Discount ($200 bi-lateral)

Even if your company has vision insurance in place, it is unlikely that laser vision correction is covered since it is an elective procedure. Many companies choose to become members of PEP just for the LASIK discount. PEP offers a corporate discount of $100 per eye on LASIK and PRK procedures at McPeak Vision Partners.

McPeak Vision Partners is Southern Kentucky’s local and experienced LASIK leader and has been performing LASIK longer than anyone else in the area. By having a PEP membership, you can also offer your employees information on laser vision correction with free LASIK seminars and screenings.

Employer benefits of the PEP Program include:

On-Site Vision Screenings

A screening team will visit your location and screen for common eye problems and diseases like glaucoma and diabetic eye disease in addition to checking distant and near vision, and intra-ocular pressure. (For employers with 50+ employees.)

On-Site Safety Seminars

An eye safety professional will visit your location and conduct eye safety seminars for all your employees ( for employers with 50+ employees.)

LASIK Seminar

Lunchtime or after-hours workshops for employees to learn about laser vision correction and its benefits (not only for them, but for the employers as well).

Special PEP Members Discounts

PEP helps employers save on potential worker’s compensation with:

  • 10% discounts on all procedures to remove foreign bodies from employees’ eyes.
  • 10% discount of surgery center fees when related to an industrial accident. (McPeak Surgery Center only).

How Can My Company Join?

The Progressive Eye Plan was designed to offer discounts on eye care services that are normally not covered under current health insurance. Companies may already have vision insurance in place or may add it later. There is no cost or obligation to the employee or the employer to join.

Who Can Become A Member?

The Human Resources Director or owner may sign a company up for the plan at any time. An application sheet must be completed and PEP Membership Cards will then be issued. To Sign up for the plan, contact the McPeak Vision Partners Marketing Director at 270-651-2181.